Has illness, stress, or a bad diet impacted on your health?

With almost thirty years of experience, award-winning Master Nutritionist (Deakin University) and Naturopath Danielle de Natris, MHN, BScND  will help you reach and maintain true vitality. Treatments are centered around the most important aspect: You.

Your first consultation will take around 90 minutes. Follow-ups are 30-45 minutes. Your full health history is reviewed. Current and past medical reports and test results are evaluated to complete Danielle’s understanding of your needs. Some non-invasive physical checks are performed.  These include Iridology, nails, tongue and skin analysis and a complimentary weight check and BMI calculations if desired.

Your personalised treatment plan gives clear, expert insight in your projected improvements. You’ll  learn  what’s best for you. Nutritional guidelines to accommodate your individual taste, budget and time are part of your consultation. Professional nutritional supplements may be advised. If Herbal Preparations and Flower Essence remedies are prescribed, they will be tailor-made to suit your unique needs.

Danielle is an expert is the field of nutritional evaluations and uses her knowledge to link these to your health problems. Having a broad field of experience to draw from, Danielle specialises in female health, skin problems, allergies, healthy ageing, chronic inflammation and auto-immune diseases. Out of personal interest, Danielle is also well versed in Environmental Medicine and can help to minimise responses for environment-sensitive persons. As a well-known International Speaker, Author and Lecturer Nutrition, Danielle brings the latest knowledge and many other skills to her patients.

Clients establish long and trusted relationships with Danielle and learn how to manage their health in the best possible way under her expertise guidance.

Be smart about your health. Invest in wellness now and reap the benefits over a life time.

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A Wealth of Health
0416 136 645

Recipient Award of Excellence in Naturopathic Research, ICNM, London, July 2017