In the past year, two out of three Australians used complimentary natural medicine to improve their health. Are you one of those?

Holistic body, mind and soul medicine. Evidence-based and patient-centered. A Wealth of Health, where clinical treatment and holistic energy medicine go hand-in-hand
Danielle de Natris, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Healer. MHN, BScND, MATM

What can I do for you?

Imagine…holistic and healthy

Take a moment to imagine what it would feel like to be really healthy. Surely, that’s on your wish list. Now imagine that path to holistic wellbeing as a guided journey. Broken down into easy-to-manage steps, tailored to your personal needs. Supported by sublime holistic professional care and expertise…How does that feel?

Maybe stress or illness disrupt your life. Perhaps your diet is not as great as you want it to be. Or lack of time is getting to you, so now you feel far from energetic and healthy. Deep-seated, hidden emotional pain may be impacting you in more ways than one…

Life can get to you. It’s busy and demanding, and you struggle to keep up. It’s always our physical and emotional health that suffers. So, get some help… for medical conditions, or some Soul Medicine. Your solution is only one click away…

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Who is Danielle?

Your Naturopath introduced…

I am passionate about all things holistic. I love what I do, and I do what I love. Well equipped with a BSc Naturopathy and a Masters degree in Nutrition, I have been practicing since 1999. To me, the most rewarding aspect of being a Naturopath is seeing my patients improve. Educating and helping a person, and seeing them move towards good health is a very special feeling. Over the years, I have gained vast experience, knowledge and skills to create realistic outcomes to improve your health on all levels.

I have a very clinical side that comes in good use when I interpret your medical tests, or your symptoms. But…I am also deeply connected to the spiritual, energetic side of holistic medicine. That’s the side that inspires me without clinical data!  I’d love to be part of your life, and take you on a healing journey that incorporates both sides of my abilities.

Besides that, you may have read my articles about naturopathy, nutrition, environmental issues and energy medicine. You’ll find these published in magazines, medical journals and online. I am now a retired nutrition lecturer; In 2017 I was recipient of the Excellence in Naturopathic Research Award at the International Conference of Naturopathic Medicine in London, UK.

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Types of Consultations

Helping you reach your health goals is my passion and priority, and I love to create success stories.

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