Experience ASMR, the new food sensation!

Get ready for ASMR, or the latest onslaught on your senses…

Get ready for a sensory experience…

ASMR , or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is slowly becoming mainstream. ASMR you say…what on earth is that? In plain English, this means that you get a tingling sensation after exposure to something particular. Food and drink for instance. That sensation starts on the scalp and makes its way down the neck and spine. It is a feeling generally experienced as pleasurable. It plays on your senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling or touching, and impacts your mood. It’s a response far more powerful that you know.

Tingle like a Pringle

For starters, we get a sense of ASMR when we get something to eat. Those chips you’re eating have just the right crunch to them. That chocolate has just the right density and bite to it. The cellophane wrapper crinkles in just the right way to get you exited about what you will shortly eat. The pop on the beer bottle is just loud enough. And so forth…

With fresh food, it is no different. Just like the chips, your fresh apple is crunchy, and juicy, and that’s what you like about it. If that apple sits in the fruit bowl for three weeks, it loses its crunch, and at best, you will cook with it, or perhaps compost it. It’s lost its appeal, it has lost its ASMR.

ASMR and Marketing

Do you think those chips have that crunch by coincidence? No way! As a matter of fact, deep science has gone into every manufactured food or drink product that is not essential to your survival. That means snack foods, impulse foods, fast foods. Teams of sensory experts and psychologists work on this behind-the-scenes, to create tempting experiences for foods and drinks you don’t need. Now, however, it is coming to the forefront as shown by the many You Tube videos available. Furthermore, the first ASMR TV ad went viral when it was played during the USA Super Bowl 2019. If you missed it, have a look herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXmlN9BAddg

ASMR in overall life

In reality, ASMR is used far more than you may realise. There are tricks such as the way certain shops light their fitting rooms, even the curvature of the mirror, right down to scents and music. All these tricks ensure that you linger longer in a retail space. The sensory experience is what counts. It’s even often age-appropriate; shops that sell clothes for young people have a totally different atmosphere than shops that cater to upmarket older clientele. Two extremes, but you get it.

Furthermore, another angle for ASMR use is the “whispering” audio and videos available online. You Tube has thousands of them. Some have a very calming effect, with soft whispering voices, and sounds of water, rain and so forth. As a result, some people find these effective for relaxation and sleep. Other offers are slightly weird (eating sounds only) or creepy (there’s a nurse doing ASMR head lice checks!). No matter what, the sense of ‘inclusion’ is really stimulated, and it’s easy to get dragged into the sensation. Have a look for yourself if this phenomena interests you; plenty on offer online. Please note that these videos may not all have appropriate content.

ASMR and the future

No doubt, ASMR is going to grow in the future. For example, your next TV will come with AI, or Artificial Intelligence, so it will know what you like. Potentially, it may be so smart, it will offer you targeted ASMR advertisements. You’ll have bigger screens with incredible pixilation. ASMR will ensure that all your senses are engaged when you watch an ad on your 8K supersize 92 inch screen. See how that Super Bowl beer would look on that! Of course, it’s all in the name of progress, and of course, it drives your consumer dollar into the right hands: the large multi-global juggernauts who can afford a team of specialists to tempt you beyond your wildest dreams.

Meanwhile, ASMR can be an exciting new experience, and lead to discovery of new-found sensations. It can help you relax, it can make you laugh, or it can just get to you, without you being aware. Now you know!

ASMR is exciting and stimulating, but the greatest ASMR trigger is nature itself

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