Shrinkflation…smaller food sizes, same old price


These delicious mini tomatoes are the best form of avoiding manufacturer’s Shrinkflation

We have a new buzzword…Shrinkflation! What does it mean? Well, simply put, shrinkflation is what you experience in the supermarket. Smaller food sizes, smaller packaging. Not only do we see this in ready-to-eat meat products like sausage rolls, but also in confectionery and in snack foods. Smaller size, but at the same price. Generally speaking, it may only be a 10 or 15 gram reduction, but in some cases it can be up to 17% of the original size. No doubt, you have noticed this yourself. And you probably were not too impressed…less bang for your buck, that’s shrinkflation for you.

Shrinkflation, the good side…

Being offered a smaller portion size is good for our health. Recently released statistical data from the UK shows that by reducing portion size, it helps curb the obesity trend. In that case, with Australia being at the top end of the World Obesity Ranking, that is probably not a bad thing. Considering that 1 in 4 Aussie kids is obese, and that 68% of adults carry too much weight, shrinkflation may help us in a subtle way. Not great for your hip pocket, but better for your waist.

Less calories, less sugar, salt and fats, that’s Shrinkflation!

The media can come across with messages about smaller sized products in different ways. Mostly, it’s negative, and focuses on the “rip off” aspect to the consumer. However, data now shows we actually benefit from these reduced serves of foods we shouldn’t really have anyway.

Fresh foods never suffer from shrinkflation

When choosing a healthy and balanced diet, make sure at least 80-90% of your daily intake is made from scratch. That means fresh, seasonal and home cooked. This way, you avoid manufacturer’s shrinkflation, and you eat much better. Fresh foods come in “shrunk” sizes too these days, but not as a rip-off. Mini cucumbers are the latest rage, and are rich in minerals, water, fibre and other nutrients. Mini tomatoes are readily available in many varieties, from cherry to Roma, and contain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. 

So…snack away on mini natural foods and you will beat Shrinkflation by a mile. Good for your hip pocket, great for your waistline, and better for the planet too! 

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