Suffering Anxiety

Suffering anxiety is more common than you may thing. One in eight Australians suffer from forms of anxiety at some stage in their life. Suffering anxiety is a bit of an epidemic. It impacts people’s health and wellbeing. Not only that, it also messes with your ability to function in life. On average, four workdays per month are lost, due to suffering anxiety. More so, suffering anxiety is debilitating for you, as a sufferer… So, let’s do something:)

What is anxiety?

What is anxiety? Good question. Lots of feelings and symptoms…Palpitations, trouble breathing, hard to concentrate, feeling dizzy or even sick…the list is extensive. Some people get anxious for logical things like exams. That’s normal. However, for others, anxiety is a daily or often-occurring event. Simply, the stress of work, the idea of crowds, or going out is overwhelming. Fears, like agoraphobia, or social anxiety are becoming more common. The world is busy place, and we don’t always feel comfortable in it…

Suffering Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, there are some things to consider. Is there a known trigger, or is it without cause? When and where does it happen? A number of things can be your trigger. Some of them, you may not directly recognise, so let’s examine them

  • Long-term chronic pain, low to severe. Pain drives inflammation and inflammation drives pain. Not only that, inflammation drives hormones and molecules to our brain, that make the brain feel confused and toxic. We experience that as anxiety
  • Digestive issues. Forty percent of people with digestive issues don’t get the opportunity to properly digest their foods, and thus become nutrient-deficient. This, in turn, leads to, or feeds anxiety
  • Bad diet. A diet that lacks good nutrients will lead to increased anxiety. High fats and high sugars make the body “acidic”. A fresh-food, alkaline diet reduces anxiety significantly
  • Lack of iron. Low iron and low B vitamins can cause and worsen anxiety. A good diet and fresh food will help, or seek professional health care
  • Lack of joyful activity. Something as simple as a walk lifts your mood and reduces anxiety. Research shows it, and the body shows it. Try and fit as much outdoor activities in your life as possible. It’s good for your health, you body, and soul.

Anxiety is debilitating, but proper help is only a click away. Speak with Danielle now

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