Ten tips for a Great Christmas

Ten tips for a great Christmas

It’s here, whether you like it or not… the race to Christmas is on…

We know we’ll have a good time in the end, but the road to Christmas day is most likely paved with cobblestones. Loss of sanity and a painful credit card come to mind.
So, especially for you, Ten Golden Tips for a Merry, healthy and happy Christmas:

Tip One: Drink lots. Water that is. Keep alcohol intake within proportion. Make every other drink a glass of water. Good for the liver, no headaches and no regrettable events at the office party or family get-together!

Tip two: Moderation. Boring, but your body will be grateful. Enjoy all the marvellous food on the table, but have a little of each, instead of lots. The brain takes around twenty minutes to register that we’re full. So, the chance of over-eating is a real thing. That’s is when you say…”Ah, I wish I hadn’t eaten that last bit of pudding!”

Tip three: Increase your vitamin C intake. Fresh fruits, salads, and stacks of colourful vegies will provide you with plenty, and you’ll need it. When we’re stressed and busy, we need adrenaline; it’s the ultimate stress hormone that the cave man used to tackle a bear. Your  adrenaline pumps while you fight for a spot in the parking lot and battle the Christmas shop crowds. Vitamin C is superb at helping your adrenal glands. That way, you don’t burn out.

Tip Four: Take some B vitamins. Naturally present in almost all foods, B vitamins are unstable and affected by storage, age of food and cooking methods. Most B vitamins disintegrate in the process of paddock to plate. A good supplement will help.

Tip five: Relax! In modern-day life, we lose the ability to relax when we have holidays. We’re so used to our social connections via our media devices, that, when we have time off, we don’t disconnect. It is good to stay in touch but put the devices down and walk in nature, play, and connect in real life. Magnesium can help relax our busy minds and tense muscles. Find it in nuts, seeds and whole grains, and in green leafy vegies such as salad varieties.

Tip six: Keep kids happy with sweet treats like pineapple, strawberries and water melon pieces on skewers, or bowls of cherries. Just as colourful as all the tempting lollies, but these are natural colours and sugars. Not only that, these foods are packed with important vitamins and antioxidants. Go on, you can be a child too, and have a face full of cherry juice! Be careful with toddlers and choking hazards, like fruit pips and nuts

Tip seven: Something that was never considered years ago, but is very important these days: Know your guests’ allergies, and make sure that there are alternatives. Some allergies can be deadly. Cross contamination can also cause problems for people who have intolerances, so keep nut -, gluten-, or dairy-free separated in different containers, and use different utensils.

Tip eight: Keep active. Go for walks daily, have a game of backyard cricket, or a swim. Whatever you do, be appropriately dressed and hydrated, and protect your skin with sunscreen.

Tip nine: Don’t test your limits on really hot days. Jogging at noon on a 38 -degree day may be some people’s form of training for endurance marathons, but if you don’t regularly do this, this can be detrimental to your health.

Tip ten: Enjoy whatever this holiday season may bring. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’ll all be okay. Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2019!

PS: that credit card…I have no remedy for that:)

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