Tricking your brain

Tricking your brain is easier than you think. You’re smart enough to see through so-called “influencers” and reality shows. But, tricking your brain on other levels is easier than you may expect…

Sensory manipulation can get to you without you knowing it

Tricking your brain…

There is a large volume of research out that is especially used by marketing companies. Mostly, this research looks at ways to tricking your brain into making extra purchases. That’s the stuff you didn’t plan for. Furthermore, it looks into creating sensations that influence your behaviour. Really, this is fascinating stuff, and also shows that it’s easier to fall for deception than you realise. So how do they do it…?

The tricks, the basics…our senses

The human senses are easily fooled. The eyes connect to the brain, so how stuff looks often influences how we feel about it. Let’s have a look (pun intended!)…

Firstly, there’s the research that evaluates appearance : It showed than thin sliced beef and fanned-out avocado slices were perceived as tasting better!

Not only the way it’s served matters, but even colour comes into play. Things that are pink are regarded as more sweet, even if they contain up to 10% less sugar! Even more baffling is the fact that drinks served in blue glassware were regarded as more refreshing than the same drinks served in a red glass. How’s that for tricking the brain…

Secondly, it was shown that 88% of people respond to aromas. Obviously, smell is another major one of our senses. You may notice that shops use nice smells to make you stay longer (and thus spend more), and we all know that when you have an open-for-inspection for your house, you should have the smell of freshly baked cookies to entice the prospective buyer!

Of course, hearing is part of our senses too. High-pitched music enhances sweet and sour flavours, while low-pitched sounds enhance the bitter flavours. This seems to be especially important in cocktail bar environments, where your cocktail will taste different depending on the music played. Mind-blowing, right?

Other Influences

Ever been to a restaurant that used elaborate and detailed descriptions on its menu? Regional names and rustic wording are appealing, but these chef-tricks don’t dazzle anymore. UK research shows this; the same foods, presented in two different menu styles, one elaborate and descriptive, the other plain and simple, proved that more than 60% of guests chose to go for the simpler descriptions.

Price is another influencer. For instance, when expensive wine and cheap wines had their labels swapped, 86% of people did not detect it and vouched that the more expensive one was the better wine! So, next time you have guests, you know what to do…

To finish off all this hilarious wisdom, research looked at the environment, and found that whiskey tasted best in a wood-panelled room… so, does that mean chilled vodka should be drunk in an igloo?

The final word on marketing

The final word on smart marketing sits with the supermarkets. Have you noticed how the things you really don’t need, such as special offers on chocolate and biscuits, are often found at the top end of the isle? And, have you noticed how many supermarkets have rounded end-of-isle blocks? This makes you slow down, and turn around the slight bend at just the right speed so that these eye-catching “savers” (that were never on your grocery list) will end up in your trolley!

Now that you know all these tricks, you’ll be well equipped to “steel yourself” and not let “tricking your brain” cost you extra when you shop or go out!

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