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Types of Consultations

Naturopath and nutrition support to get you excited about good health.

Initial consult

Invest ninety minutes of your time to discuss your health concerns or general well-being, hear an expert opinion and get started with a easy, convenient and efficient treatment plan. Includes Iridology and other non-invasive observational tests. Rebates by all major health funds.

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Return consult

A perfect opportunity to review your initial treatment plan, and discuss how you are travelling on the road to good health. Duration 45 minutes. A  popular consult for existing, long-term patient who want to stay committed to best health at all times. Rebates by all major health funds.

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Quick Review

Twenty minute catch-up, great for those on maintenance programs, or to have a quick chat to make sure you are doing okay. Rebates by all major health funds.

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Children’s Consults

Similar to the adult consults, but taking less time to minimise boredom for your child. One hour for the initial consult, and a half-hour follow up are usually best enjoyed by kids. Rebates by all major health funds.

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Skype Consults

For those who live outside the Mornington Peninsula and wider Melbourne area, or for people not able to travel. Similar to a regular consult format, without the physical observations. This is not a problem, as there are different ways to gather information to validate treatment suggestions. Duration is one hour.

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This computer program can calculate and analyse the nutrients in your daily food intake and is based on Australian foods and brands.  A food diary template is provided, which you can fill in. The information is then entered into the program. This is an ideal tool to see if you are getting enough  from your diet. The program detects excesses as well as deficiencies of all nutrients including protein, fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, and is magnificent in calculations for weight loss. Useful for recreational sports and professional athletes to ensure optimal nutrition. Three-day analysis minimum, seven-day recommended. Receive your full and comprehensive report within 48 hours, with personalised guidelines. Can be booked as addition to a consult, or as a stand-alone service.

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Package Deal

A full initial consult (personal or Skype), Foodzone three-day analysis and two review consults to track your health progress for a total of three months.

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Repeat scripts

For current patients only; pick up from the clinic at no extra charge, or we can post for a small preparation fee.

The clinic can provide you with Practitioner-only nutritional supplements, proprietary herbal blends, hand-made creams and Flower Essence mixes, all created to suit your own unique needs.

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