Children’s Initial Consult

Naturopath consultations for children under 12.

A initial Naturopath consult for children under 12 takes one hour. Often, younger children do not have the patience to sit through ninety minutes. Because of their age, parents or carers explain their the medical histories, while your child happily play with the toys in the clinic.  During the consult, it is easy for me to observe your child’s general disposition. You get ample time to explain all your concerns about their health. Together, we look for specific traits, such as pre-existing conditions, by examining your family’s health history. I note all medical problems, medications and potential issues. I share my opinion with you, and work out solutions that will suit your child as well as the family. All this, of course, in a child-friendly way. After all, no treatment plan is going to be of benefit if it doesn’t fit your specific life style.

To finish, I do observations if your child is comfortable with that. Kids love Iridology and are little stars when it comes to sitting still for a few minutes. Somehow, the tool I use fascinates them, and I allow them to check my eyes too. Always a hit with the young ones!

Any treatment plan centres around likes and dislikes, the age of your child, and their needs. Children’s supplements from practitioner-only brands are available in the clinic.

Conditions in children highly suited to Naturopathy

Conditions that kids often present with are allergies and skin problems such as eczema.

Need a hand with composing shopping lists to cater for allergies? I provide you with vital and useful links, apps, hand-outs and recipes. Have a picky eater on your hands? Let me help you manage eating plans so that you know your child is not missing out on vital nutients. I work with you and your child, no matter what the problem, until we reach satisfactory outcomes.

Children’s consults can be rebated by your private health fund.

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Duration 60 minutes
Cost $120.00

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