Children’s Return Consult

Follow-up Naturopath consultations for children under 12.

In general, you and your child return after around three to four weeks for a thirty minute follow up. We discuss how things have been. Kids make fantastic Naturopathy patients; they are fresh, have no preconceived expectations and they are ready to let you, and me know what they like about the treatment and what they don’t!

In fact, kids respond quickly to supplements, so we discuss progress made. Moreover, if the initial treatment focuses on dietary changes, we evaluate those. Of course, you get ample time to tell me everything that’s been happening in the few weeks since the first consult.

Support for you and your child

Often, having a child with health problems can be very demanding. As a parent or carer, you know all about that.

Fortunately, you can feel assured of full and ongoing support for you and your child. At any time during naturopathy treatment, we communicate via email as needed to provide more resources. Meanwhile, it also allows me to give you a boost in morale when needed. Never feel alone in your health travels; let me help you and your child.

All children’s return consults can be rebated by your private health fund.

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Duration 30 minutes
Cost $65.00

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