Energy Healing

A massage for the soul…

Energy healing is an experience like no other. This is not classified as clinical medicine, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. Energy healing can help with pain, blockages and emotions, and in the holistic world, all these go together.

Your Energy Healing session

For your 30 – 45 or 60 – minute session, I use colour, scent, sound, and healing crystals. Furthermore, your session also includes Reiki. Every session is different, tailored to your individual needs and goals. Chakra work and inner-child healing is often part of the process. Visualisation techniques and guided meditation make an energy healing session like a massage for the soul.

Relaxing afterwards

After your treatment, you will feel grounded, secure and relaxed. A cup of herbal tea, and a moment to return “back to the world” completes your energy healing session. Before leaving, as a gift, you receive a free crystal of your choice.

               30 minutes $55                          45 minutes $80                           60 minutes $110       

Time to recalibrate? Energy healing can do wonders…

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