Food and Nutrition Analysis report

Initially, Your Food and Nutrition analysis seems similar to discussing your diet and food intake in a consult. However, processing a three-day food diary through a computer-based nutritional analysis program is eye-opening. It reveals details that can often be life-changing. You will receive the full and comprehensive report via email. It shows your complete food intake in detail. Not only protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and water, but also all vitamins and minerals. Uniquely detailed, it pinpoints excesses and deficiencies to the very last milligram. It gives you a good insight to the value of the foods you normally eat.

First of all,  you learn a lot about your food intake. Secondly, the outcome can determine if you need to make changes to your diet. The database I use contains nutrient values of over 4000 different foods specific to Australia , from Vegemite to Tim Tams! In effect, this means that all your favourite foods can be analysed and assessed.

How does this work?

Provide me with two weekdays and one weekend day of food intake, easily written down in a Food Diary template. No need to weigh things, no need to count things; full and simple instructions will be provided. Or, if you want a full week’s worth of food intake analysed, that’s possible too.

Who uses this Food and Nutrition Analysis?

Most people who are interested in a food and nutrition analysis are focused on weight loss.

For instance, this highly detailed analysis also calculates ideal weight and activity levels. It tells you how many calories to consume to remain on weight, or to lose or gain it. It also clearly shows fat intake ratios so is very useful as a preventative measure. Furthermore, it will show you if you need to take vitamins, or if your diet is adequate.  Additionally, I also do this for sports people and athletes to assess nutrition status before, during and after events. All in all, a Food and Nutrition Analysis is a very useful tool for any purpose or goal.

Have a look at how your report can look like here and notice how much details it shows, based on a very normal, one-day food intake for a 46 year old female, as you can see here.

Food And Nutrition Analysis 3-day report $150

Additional days $30 per day / 7 days for $250

If you like to receive advice on changes, a consult booking can be of benefit.  Depending on your goals, you can chose a level of consult. That can be an initial consult, a return consult or a quick review. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your optimal health.

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