Your initial Naturopathic consult

First of all, your Naturopathic consult takes place in a quiet and private setting. This allows you to feel safe to discuss personal issues.

Your initial consult will take 90 minutes. I will give you lots of time to listen to your health history. All your information is important to me. That way, I can understand your needs. We will discuss your diet and life style. We look other aspects that may impact you, such as lack of sleep or stress. I examine physical signs such as nails, skin and tongue. Iridology will conclude your first appointment.

As part of the treatment suggestions, I give you hand-outs, recipes and tips. Furthermore, I give you links and apps you can access. During the consult, you receive comprehensive details on your personalised treatment plan. Then, I send a follow-up email to recap our findings. As a result, with each step forward, you become educated, motivated and empowered to take on those changes.

What to bring

Please bring a any medication and supplements you may use. When applicable, copies of any relevant tests results are useful for diagnosis to help me determine optimal solutions for you.

Further tests

As part of an initial consult, I conduct some non-invasive tests and Iridology.

A zinc status test is a free service for those who show deficiency signs.  It is possible I may detect or suspect this during the consult. Normally, this is not tested for in blood. Therefore, you may never have had this examined. Blood pressure testing, lung oxygenation functionality and body composition profiling are other tests that can be drawn upon. Of course, all these tests are part of the service, and free.

Where needed, I organise food allergy testing through an independent and highly qualified profession laboratory. This attracts laboratory fees. Other tests, such as for bowel dysbiosis (leaky gut), stress hormone profiles and heavy metal toxicity can also be organised.

All consults can be rebated with your private health fund.

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Duration 90 minutes
Cost $165.00

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