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Your Iridology session

Iridology reading is an art in itself. Reading the iris can tell an experienced Iridologist like myself immediately what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to health. However, take it a step further and the iris also tells me what your stress triggers are. That means that, armed with that knowledge, you can now take action to prevent, heal and change things that will benefit you now and later.

Iridology as a stand-alone session is not in-depth like a full consult, but it is a sure-fire way to get a good insight on your health. This includes both physical and emotional wellbeing, in the past and present.

In itself, this can then potentially lead to a further consult, but there is no obligation. Perhaps the information learned is enough to set you up for improved health, and that’s great. Your health is what matters to me.

Minor supplements and remedies can be provided based on the outcome of your consult; however certain products will only be prescribed after full consults. I know you will understand that my duty of care means I will protect you and care for your health as if it was my own.

Experience the excitement of Iridology

Iridology readings go for 20 minutes but additional time can be given if you wish to discuss your reading.  Price of remedies not included; no obligation to buy anything.

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Iridology Reading 20 minutes $35, additional time $10 for 10 minute-blocks


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