What is the Luscher Colour test?

Swiss Dr. Luscher came up with the colour test as part of phycological understanding of the human mind. He felt that the sensory perception of colours is objective, but that preferences are subjective. In other words, we all know that blue is calming, and that red is probably not a great colour for a baby bedroom. However, the way we choose the order of the particular eight colour cards instinctively tells a lot about our personality.

You get the chance to pick your favourite colours twice, without deep thought or associations to items such as a dress or a car colour.

After your first choices are noted, the cards are shuffled and you repeat the process. You could pick the same, or slightly different ones; the point is to not make any effort to repeat, and just pick “as you feel”

The colour cards are numbered. The numbers are added or substracted, multiplied or divided by set rules, as developed by Dr. Luscher.

The sequence of both your choices is then calculated. The outcome of your chosen sequences will blow you away: I will explain the variations as analysed and discussed in Dr Luscher’s manual. A short version will be written out for you to take home.

The calculations show with stunning accuracy in which direction you are currently heading, and can also show you where you need to go next. Luscher’s method still makes waves 60 years after its inception. Not scientific, but highly accurate and instinctive, a session of Luscher Colour Test can really help you break through to the next step on your path in life.

If certain personality traits or issues come up that you want to address or need support with, a homoeopathic and Flower Essence remedy will be made. This will be specific to your needs and tests outcome. The cost of any remedies is not included in the price for the session; $14 for 15 ml is standard, and the drop-dose use will ensure this is sufficient to commence change or give you strength. Larger quantities can be made too: 25 ml for $18, or 50 ml for $27.

Your  Luscher reading will take around 1 hour, and outcomes, or the need for supporting remedies can be discussed as they appear.

To avoid influencing you before your test, no further details are provided until after your reading.



Consult aftercare for you

If a particular outcome means you are given some remedies, I am here for you for repeats or quick catch-ups.

Simply click on Book Appointment to select your preferred day and time for your Colour Test session.

Duration 60 -75 minutes  Cost $95

Cost of additional homoeopathic and Flower Essences if needed:

15 ml – $14

25 ml – $18

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