Package Deal

Your Naturopathy and Nutrition Package Deal is an option for committed people.

The package deal includes an initial consult in person or via Skype, plus a return and two review consults. On top of that, you get a free 3-day Food and Diet analysis print-out, and support emails weekly. Without doubt, this is the way to commit and get results!

Is this package for you?

This package is based on what previous patients have asked for. Generally speaking, a committed person is more likely to succeed and follow through, as many of my patients can attest to. A package is especially useful for those who have set goals to reach, for example weight loss. The package also works well for those with chronic conditions, allergies and in long-term care management. It’s cheaper as a package than as individual consults.

Your first consult

Your first consult looks at all important aspects such as existing illnesses or conditions and your medical history.

Not only will I give you my expert clinical opinion, but also utilise all my holistic understanding. In other words, I combine the best of two worlds of knowledge!

Of course, we discuss your diet, potential medication and supplement use, and I examine your physical signs. This includes Iridology. A treatment plan is made, completely tailored to your individual needs. Furthermore, if I detect deficiencies, the clinic can provide you with high quality  Practitioner only supplements and herbal tonics which are mixed on site.

Your Free Food and Nutrition analysis

As well as discussing your diet and food intake in the first consult, I process a three-day food diary through a nutrition analysis program. You will receive the full and comprehensive report via email. It shows your complete food intake, from protein to fibre and water, as well as all vitamins, minerals and fats. Uniquely detailed, it pinpoints excesses and deficiencies, and gives you a good insight to the value of the foods you normally eat. Provide me with two weekdays and one weekend day of food intake, easily written down in a Food Diary template. No need to weigh things, no need to count things; instructions will be provided.

Normally, this Food and Nutrition Analysis is priced at $150. but for you, it is free as part of the package. It is my gift to you to  encourage you in your quest to optimal health.

Your second consult

Your second consult occurs three weeks after your initial consult.

In this case, it is  is a full 45 minutes return. We take the time to discuss changes and progress since we first spoke. If any changes need making, now is the time to do so.

Quick review consults

Two quick review consults form part of your package. It is advised to book these at 4 week intervals. Typically, these reviews allow for fine-tune your treatment. After all, by now, you are three months into your treatment plan, and changes and progress must be accounted for. Often, this means you can reduce certain treatment aspects, or re-commence certain restricted foods (For example, in desensitisation of food allergies and intolerances).

In between

In between your consults, I email you weekly with encouragement, to keep you motivated.

One full consult, one return, two reviews and three day food analysis, plus encouragement emails weekly…your health is in good hands now.

Package Details ($335)

  • Initial consult 90 minutes
  • Free 3-day Food and Nutrition Analysis
  • Return consult 45 minutes
  • Two quick review consults 20 minutes each

You will receive separate invoices at the time of your consult to present to your health fund.

This package is also available for Skype patients ($245)

  • Initial consult 60 minutes
  • Free 3-day Food and Nutrition Analysis
  • Return consult 30 minutes
  • Two quick review consults 20 minutes each

Unfortunately, Skype consult are not eligible for rebates with private health funds.

Simply click on Book Appointment to choose your time for your first consult and specify that you want to book for the package deal. I will then slot in the other appointments for you.

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