Quick Review Consult

Different from a Return Consult, a Quick Review consult is the ideal, fast and cost-effective catch up.

After a first, and subsequent return consult, patients are comfortable with their treatment plans and supplements.  We have already created an established and well-working health routine for you, and in a Quick Review consult, we can fine-tune things if needed.  Perhaps we can change certain interventions or try something new. Even better, you may be doing so well, you can reduce certain supplements or, for instance, increase exercise. In that case, this type of consult is perfect for you. Furthermore, A Quick Review consult is the way to go for picking up repeat scripts and a bit of time to talk.

This consult type is eligible for rebates with all private health funds.

Simply click on Book Appointment to select your preferred day and time.

Duration 20 minutes
Cost $45.00

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