Return Consult

A return consult is like having a private health coach.

A return consult gives you, and me, the time to discuss what has changed for you since your first visit. In the allocated 45 minutes, we look at your current state of health. Often, first results are impressive and inspiring, which gets my patients exited. Not only that, but a treatment plan is always flexible, so we can alter things. Because if you feel comfortable with your treatment plan, you will succeed. I know this from first-hand experience in my many years of practicing. Therefore, it’s my goal to make that whole process as effective and easy as possible. We also review any supplements you may be have been prescribed. A return consult is the perfect opportunity to discuss all this with me. However, life throws curve balls, and this is where the health coach part comes in.

Having me as your¬† health coach is like having a personal motivator to keep you inspired and on track. You have solid goals, but things happen, and distract you. After all, we’re all human. So, support, understanding and help is vital for you, and you get all of that from me.

You receive full access to any resource that you feel will benefit you, such as more hand-outs and app links. Educating you about achieving your goals is a natural part of my role as your Naturopath and holistic health coach.

Benefits of a return consult, and having a health coach

With your return consult, you solidify the future of your health, and ensure ongoing support for your progress. As a result, negotiating health obstacles becomes so much easier. Of course, as part of the service provided, you receive email assistance and encouragement. Ultimately, I look forward to being your health coach, and my reward is seeing you progress.

All return consults can be rebated by your private health fund.

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Duration 45 minutes
Cost $90.00


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