Your Naturopath Skype Consult

Your first Naturopath Skype consult is like a person-to-person consultation, only via a screen.

Duration is 60 minutes. This gives you plenty time to talk about your health concerns.  Specifically, your diet and lifestyle details are very important to me, and we focus our attention on those. If you provide tests results or medical reports, we discuss those as well. On top of that, I review any medications and supplements you may be taking. Of course, Iridology is not available via Skype, but other physical observations can be done without problem.

To conclude, you receive comprehensive details on your personalised suggested treatment plan, and a follow-up email to recap our findings. I provide you with hand-outs, links, apps or anything else that I think will be useful to you. After all, with more than  twenty-five years of practice, I have a unique collection of Naturopathic resources and knowledge, and it’s all to share with you.

Prepare for your Naturopath Skype Consult

Before you log on to your Skype,  there are a few things you can do. For instance, if you have medication or supplements, please have them handy at the time of the consult. Prior to your Naturopath on Skype consult you can email any existing and relevant tests or medical reports.

Consult aftercare for you

Above all, the service doesn’t end once we disconnect on Skype.

If I recommend any supplements or herbs, I safely pack and post these to you via registered mail. A tracking number will be provided and allows you to track your parcel no matter where it needs to go; all you need to do is pay for the postage and the products.

Unfortunately, Skype consults cannot be rebated with private health funds.

Simply click on Book Appointment to select your preferred day and time.

Duration 60 minutes
Cost $115.00

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