Your Skype Naturopathy Return Consult

Generally speaking, you received lots of advice, and possibly supplements in your initial Skype consult.

As a result, you have made changes and followed recommendations. With this in mind, you have new questions now, or results of recommended tests and a Skype Naturopathy return consult caters exactly to that.

In your 30 minute on-screen consult, we discuss your progress and improvements. More importantly, I elaborate on how to proceed and will provide you with more tools and hand-outs. Naturally, your ongoing health status is important to me to ensure the best advice. We address anything that you feel worth noting. Of course, if further supplements are needed, I organise this for you.

Prepare for your Skype Naturopathy Return Consult

For starters, make sure to have pen and paper, and a list of potential questions.

Furthermore, if I asked for some (blood) tests, you may have emailed me the results prior to your return consult. That way, we can then discuss those as well. This is your time, to ask me anything you want clarified.

Unfortunately, Skype Consults are not eligible for rebates via private health funds.

Simply click on Book Appointment to select your preferred day and time.

Duration 30 minutes
Cost $60

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