Vegan diets are good, but…

Many people embrace a vegan diet these days. They do that for multiple reasons. Some do it for perceived health benefits. Some do it to stop animal cruelty. Whatever the reason, vegan recipe searches have increased on Google and Instagram by 60% in the last six months. Of course, vegan diets are good, but…there are some issues to look out for. Let look at those

Facts: positives first!

  • A proper vegan diet is high in fibre, with mostly fresh vegetables and grains. High fibre is good for your gut, and for your cardiovascular health
  • A proper vegan diet has low or no processed food intake
  • A good vegan diet provides adequate protein, by combining plant and grain proteins at each meal. A simple example is the humble baked beans on wholegrain toast. Beans contain different proteins that grain, and when combined, they will provide all essential nine amino acids that make up animal protein
  • A vegan diet can provide adequate vitamins and slow-release carbohydrates

Facts: the negatives

  • A true vegan diet requires knowledge about food and its nutrients
  • A vegan diet can lead to deficiencies of especially B12, and minerals such as iron
  • A vegan diet is deemed less suitable for growing children, as they may not reach adequate levels of protein and essential fatty acids
  • Plant fats need conversion in the body in order to be of use as anti-inflammatory, or as help for brain function to name but a few of (good) fats actions. If you are low in zinc, this conversion cannot take place, with all consequences thereof.
  • Vegan pre-made products such as plant-based burgers and sausages are often laced with high saturated fat and salt in order to give them a good taste. Most also contain artificial flavours, which can be carcinogenic

Your body, your temple, your choice

Of course, whatever you put in your body is totally your own choice. Going vegan is a fantastic option and a good vegan diet will provide all essential nutients. But, as mentioned at the start, it requires skills, dedication and a good understanding of nutrition. With this in mind, it may be of great benefit to examine your (vegan) diet and see if you are doing it right. Want some help? Contact the clinic for a detailed consult on how you too, can go vegan and not become deficient!

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