Weight loss and better health

Do your New Year’s resolutions include weight loss and better health? A new year is always a terrific point of inspiration to start afresh. Weight loss is often hard to achieve, let alone maintain. Commercial weight loss programs are effective only for a short time. Many people complain about the rebound weight gain afterwards. Similarly, achieving better health can be hard too. You start off well. Then, things happen in life, and you get off track. Without professional support, both weight loss and achieving better health become fleeting events with no lasting impact.

Weight loss: avoiding the rebound effect

Weight loss can be rapid when using commercial meal replacement shakes. However, your body learns nothing from it. Hence, the rebound effect once the shakes are stopped. The weight stacks back on, often adding another extra kilo or so. There is evidence to why this happens. Think of a caveman/woman. They had to eat when food was available, so the body stores it as fat. Then, in lean times (winter, or seasonal disasters), they lose weight that is stored. That’s how our bodies have been programmed: to preserve.

The same happens with the shakes programs. For a few weeks, you starve your body of calories, and the weight drops. Then, you return to eating, and the body increases uptake, in case you present it with another “lean” time. So, the yo-yo weight effect is created. Sadly, each time you undertake a shake program, your body weight will regain afterwards.

How to achieve real weight loss

To achieve lasting weight loss, it is much better to go with a personalised program. Such a program looks at your specific body shape, your activity level, and your current food intake. It helps you reset your “preservation weight”. It takes into account other circumstances such as medication use (some encourage weight gain), your stress levels, and your eating habits. Many people skip breakfast, eat lunch on the run, and have a late dinner. That’s because you are busy. That’s life…

With a tailor-made program, you have a personal nutrition coach, and ongoing support. Over the years, many patients have achieved very successful weight loss that lasted. It has improved their general health too. Less weight means less stress on bones and joints. It means reducing inflammation. It also means improved cardio health, and reduced risk for cancers. Furthermore, it improves your mental health. When we feel good, we are more resilient, and more active and positive.

The benefits of a personised program

You may wonder about the cost versus the benefits of a personalised program. Rest assured. In general, it will turn out to be cheaper than commercial programs that reel you in with promises of support, and sell you expensive compulsory memberships, plus the additional cost of their products. When you have an on-call support service with your personal nutritionist, you are already in a win-win situation. You get excellent health and dietary advice that suits your particular life style. You also gain lots of knowledge on why your body is holding weight, and how eating patterns and habits can influence that. All in all, you get a complete picture of the What, Why, How and When, plus the remedies to turn it around.

Weight loss, as well as general better health is something you invest in. You invest time, money and effort. So, you want that to be effective. No deprivation, liquid diets or other fads, but scientific-based advice. That advice is suited to your specific body needs, as well as to your life style. Some practitioner-only products may play a part too. Once you get going, you gain a world of knowledge on healthy eating that is fun. You form new and good habits with tricks and hacks only known to the expert. Get your New Year’s resolution off to a good start and call or email the clinic now at info@awealthofhealth.com.au for an appointment with your personal Master nutrition coach

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