Invest in yourself,
invest in your health

What can this Naturopath do you for?

To begin with, the process of a consult is very different to your normal doctor’s visits.

As a Naturopath, I take time to listen, analyse and advise. Your full medical history, diet and lifestyle are reviewed to create that all-important holistic understanding of your needs. This is body-mind-soul medicine, as it should be. Some non-invasive physical examinations are part of the analysis. Furthermore, I understands the wider picture of all aspects that play a role in your health and holistic wellbeing. With over twenty-five years of experience, as an award-winning Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist I will support you on your health journey all the way.

During a consult, you will get plenty of opportunity to discuss your specific health concerns. I will offer tailor-made solutions that suit your lifestyle, personality and budget in a way that is highly detailed, yet very easy to understand and follow.

Let me help you recognise the core issues to address, and above all, provide full support for you with tips, hand-outs, and eating plans. This way, you learn as you move upwards through the healing process. After all, you want to get back on your feet to a new, healthier you as quickly as possible.

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